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PhD defense of SWOV guest researcher Rob Methorst

On 3 February SWOV guest researcher Rob Methorst obtained his PhD at Delft University of Technology. He defended his thesis Exploring the Pedestrians Realm - An overview of insights needed for developing a generative system approach to walkability.

In his thesis Methorst aimed to comprehensively cover, combine and advance what is known about pedestrians, walking and sojourning in public space and about effective and fair policies to sustain and improve conditions in this regard.

Methorst’s main conclusion is that there is ample need and room for improvement of pedestrian, walking and sojourning conditions. On the one hand the offered W+S system (the physical, social-normative, transportation and communication environments and their interrelations)need attention. On the other hand the organisation of design, management and policy measures regarding the pedestrians' position in society and walking and sojourning in public space need to be enhanced.

SWOV’s managing director and member of the doctoral committee Peter van der Knaap: “This dissertation is a true goldmine for everyone seeking to improve the position of pedestrians in the public realm. When the Corona-situation permits, SWOV will organise a Knowledge café. This Knowledge café will focus on the lessons to be drawn from the ‘young doctors’ dissertation regarding improvement of pedestrian safety. This doesn’t only comprise of road safety, but also includes fall prevention and social safety.”


Transport mode, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic