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Motorcycle Safety in Africa

Fred Engineering, in association with SWOV, has been awarded a Worldbank contract for the project ‘Motorcycle Safety in Africa’. The main objective of the research study is to develop a set of comprehensive strategic recommendations to improve motorcycle safety in Africa. Recommendations will aim to inform regional member countries on policy advice and technical assistance.

To develop the recommendations the study will:

  • Assess the best international practices on motorcycle safety.
  • Collate available data and information on motorcycle safety.
  • Investigate motorcycle safety in Africa.

The research study – starting 1 November and ending in April 2020 – will especially focus on three African countries (Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Uganda) where the use of motorcycles for daily activities is high. The methodological approach will be based, on one hand, on the best international practices on road safety assessment and, on another hand, on the in-depth expertise of FRED Engineering and SWOV to deal with road safety projects in Africa and worldwide.