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MEDIATOR project: use cases

The Mediator system generally focusses on all driving scenarios with vehicles up to SAE level 5 automation. To develop and evaluate the Mediator system within the MEDIATOR project however, this scope will need to be reduced. For this purpose, a set of use cases was defined in the beginning of the project.

Currently, vehicle automation related research projects often focus on very specific extreme situations and designs generally take the automation capabilities as a starting point. The use case selection for the MEDIATOR project instead focussed on driver needs in every day driving. This resulted in a different take on the levels of automation and a project scope that encompasses a large part of the driving scenario’s drivers will deal with daily. For this reason it is also expected that, if the final Mediator system is validated for this set of use cases, any market ready version of the Mediator system will also have a big chance of gaining user acceptance and improving safety. The presented use cases and automation levels can serve as an example for others to refocus their vehicle automation projects and designs towards systems made for and accepted by humans.

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The MEDIATOR project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 814735.


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