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International manifesto: make efforts to achieve target to halve deaths and injuries by 2020

Parliamentarians worldwide to endorse the Manifesto and become champions of effective road injury prevention in their own countries and regions: halving the number of road deaths by 2020. The Global Network for Road Safety Legislators made this appeal in their Manifesto #4RoadSafety which was launched in London on 8 May. This was done in support of the UN Global Road Safety Week.

The manifesto, which contains ten recommendations aimed at achieving the UN-target, is endorsed by a group of senior Parliamentarians from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the USA and the UK. The recommendations address issues like speed management and the Safe System approach, occupational road safety, and good governance. The manifesto also presents a new target for the year 2030.

SWOV's Managing Director Peter van der Knaap in his reaction: "SWOV has also been worried about achieving the target for 2020 for some time now. In 2015, we published a report with the title 'Opschakelen naar meer verkeersveiligheid' (Towards greater road safety) that indicated which supplementary measures could be taken. Also in 2015, we started on upgrading the Safe System approach in the Netherlands: Sustainably Safe Road Traffic, phase 3. It is also important that the new government that is presently being formed, also puts road safety on their agenda."

On 19 april of this year, 32 organisaties in the Netherlands presented a manifesto to Dutch Parliament which also called for more priority for road safety. In 2016 there were 629 road deaths in the Netherlands, 29 more than in 2015.


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