SaferAfrica Final Conference in Tunis

Event date: 
18 Sep 2019

SaferAfrica Final Conference 'Results and future perspectives for road safety in Africa' will take place in Tunis (Tunisia) on the 18th of September. Prominent international institutions, African regional and national bodies’ representatives, policymakers, researchers and civil society organizations will join the dialogue for a better road safety management throughout the Continent.

SaferAfrica is a Horizon 2020 research project with the aim of creating the African-European Dialogue Platform on road safety, to strengthen the cooperation among governments, research institutions and NGOs, coming from the two continents. SaferAfrica supports national and local governments in better understanding of current weaknesses and the country needs in road safety management, by training skilled people and by providing ready to implement projects and examples of international good practices.

SWOV is leader for work package 5 which is a technical work package dealing with Road Safety Management Capacity Reviews (RSMCR). WP5 has 5 primary tasks, scoping of road safety actions; capacity reviews, specification of safe system projects, studies of road safety agencies and finally, reviews of road and vehicle design standards. WP5 focussed on five countries selected to represent each of the five geographic regions of Africa. WP5 produced a large number of reports (25), the majority of which have been published on the SaferAfrica website.

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