Safe & Sober Talk: Alcohol Interlocks and the Fight against Drink-Driving

Event date: 
20 Nov 2018

On november 20 the The European Transport Safety Council organizes the Safe and Sober Talk 'Alcohol Interlocks and the Fight against Drink Driving' in The Hague.

Last year, 613 people lost their lives on Dutch roads and hardly any progress has been made in reducing the annual number of road deaths since 2010. In addition, between 2006 and 2016, more than 199 people in the Netherlands died in road collisions due to drink driving.

Studies have repeatedly shown that alcohol interlock programmes, combined with rehabilitation programmes, cut reoffending rates both during and after the driver has installed the device in their vehicle. Alcohol interlocks can furthermore be used as quality assurance measure in commercial and public transport, ensuring that a sober driver is behind the wheel.

During the Safe and Sober Talk, both aspects will be discussed with national and international experts, policy makers and stakeholders. The first part of the event will focus on offenders and which measures can be taken to reduce drink driving in the Netherlands.  The use of alcohol interlocks as a quality assurance measure in commercial transport will be discussed during the second part.

SWOV researcher Charles Goldenbeld will also give a presentation: 'The Dutch Alcohol Interlock Programme: The Rise and Fall of a Promising Road Safety Measure'.

Registration is free but seats are limited. Please register online »

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