7th International HUMANIST Conference

Event date: 
26 Oct 2021

On October 26 -27, the 7th International HUMANIST Conference will take place on Rhodes, Greece. The HUMANIST Conference brings together researchers, experts and stakeholders from several multidisciplinary communities that are active in the field of Human Factors in Transport. It is a unique and attractive forum to present current and planned activities as well as to share ideas and experiences. 

Topics include:

  • How is the road users behaviour, safety and mobility affected by new traffic scenarios including automated vehicles, novel vehicle types, car-sharing schemes and Mobility as a Service? 
  • What concerns, needs and expectations do people have in relation to these emerging technologies and services? How do people see themselves in the digital transport epoch? How can inclusion and accessibility be promoted and ensured?
  • Which are the priorities and technological solutions to be envisaged and adopted within a smart cities transportation environment?
  • Which directions should ergonomic  designs evolve in  so as to ensure adequate passive safety in the changing environments?
  • How and to what extent should current HMI (Human Machine Interaction) concepts and tools be adapted to address the evolving technologies?
  • How to integrate non-connected and potential socially excluded citizens within future transport systems.