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E-scooters in Europe - legal status varies, safety effects unclear

Based on the input from FERSI members, FERSI compiled a report on the legal status, usage and safety of e-scooters in 18 European countries. It shows that the legal status differs between countries, and that in general the information about their usage and safety is scarce.

It is an issue, though, that increasingly receives attention from both governmental bodies and research institutes.

Download the publication 'E-scooters in Europe: legal status, usage and safety' by SWOV researchers Kamphuis and Van Schagen.


The Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes (FERSI) is a non-profit organisation that forms a flexible network of European road safety research organisations. All FERSI member institutes have a governmental mandate to perform pre-normative road safety research and are the main discussion partner of their national government for road safety issues. They analyse road safety developments, prepare solutions to be translated in legislation and guidelines, and evaluate the implementation of solutions.


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