Distraction - What do regulations about phone use in traffic amount to?

In the Netherlands, handheld calls and texting while driving are prohibited. Nor may telephones be clasped between ear and shoulder. All EU countries, excepting Sweden, ban handheld phone use. In most countries, handsfree mobile phone use is allowed. In many American states, however, a prohibition of handsfree mobile phone use by young drivers and school bus drivers applies.

In the Netherlands, it is currently (july 2018) not forbidden to use a mobile phone or other device while cycling or walking. In 2016, the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment started to prepare a legal ban on phone use while cycling. This does not only involve a prohibition of handheld phone use (calling or texting), but also operating a smartphone in a holder on the handlebars. In Europe, legislation on this subject varies. E.g. In Sweden, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, and Ireland, handheld calling is not forbidden either. By contrast, it is banned in Denmark, Germany and Austria for example. A prohibition of phone use while walking, on the other hand, is extremely rare.


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