dr. Ragnhild Davidse

Education, courses & training
Assessment of fitness to drive
Research methods
Diepteonderzoek verkeersongevallen
Driving simulator studies
Elderly road users

Ragnhild is specialist in the field of elderly road users and the possibilities to improve their road safety (road design, in-vehicle systems, education, testing their fitness to drive). In 2008, Dr Ragnhild Davidse established the SWOV-team for in-depth study of road traffic crashes. She has since led several thematic in-depth studies into the occurrence of run-off-road crashes, delivery vehicle crashes, bicycle crashes, and light moped crashes on bicycle paths.In 2007, Ragnhild Davidse obtained her PhD at Groningen University on her thesis Assisting the older driver: Intersection design and in-car devices to improve the safety of the older driver.

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Phone: 070 3173 333