Dr Ragnhild Davidse

Road safety in numbers
Human behaviour in traffic

Dr Ragnhild Davidse is research manager of the ‘Road User Behaviour’ department and coordinates the research activities on the behaviour and physical and mental condition of road users in relation to safety. She is a specialist in the field of older road users and the possibilities to improve their road safety (e.g. road design, in-vehicle systems, education, fitness to drive), and an expert on in-depth investigation of road crashes. 

Ragnhild has established the SWOV team for in-depth research of crashes in 2008 and has managed several thematic in-depth studies, both for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and for local authorities. Topics ranged from run-off-road crashes and light moped crashes to bicycle crashes, and crashes involving mobility scooters. 

In 2007, Ragnhild Davidse obtained her PhD at Groningen University on her thesis Assisting the older driver: Intersection design and in-car devices to improve the safety of the older driver.

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Afdeling: Road user behaviour
Phone: 070 3173 333