Tamara Hoekstra, MSc, carries out research into, among others, interaction between vulnerable and less vulnerable road users, influencing traffic behaviour with education and public information, subjective road safety and automated vehicles.

Dr Reinier Jansen is an expert in the field of Naturalistic Driving data analyses. His research focuses on understanding and designing interactions with (partially) automated vehicles. In addition, he is part of the SWOV team that identifies risks and advices the RDW at field tests with (partially) automated vehicles on the public roads, such as shuttle busses and platoons.

Kas Kamphuis, MSc, researches the fitness to drive of older road users with early dementia, he joins in the STAR team and participates in Naturalistic Cycling research into speed pedelecs and distraction in traffic.

Sander van der Kint, MSc, performs research into various topics, among which the interaction between pedestrians/cyclists and self-driving vehicles. He also does research into traffic behaviour.

Robert Louwerse, MSc, is a specialist in the field of in-depth research into road crashes, agricultural traffic and the relationship between road design and road safety. Robert is also a qualified road safety auditor. He is member of the SWOV-team for in-depth study into road crashes.

In 2017, Celina Mons, MSc, conducts research into traffic behaviour and is particularly involved in projects about the interaction between humans and (semi) automated vehicles. 

Dr Matin Nabavi Niaki works in the area of cyclist behaviour and safety in relation to road and cycling network design. Her main research interests are surrogate safety measures and computer vision techniques to extract road user trajectories and traffic conflicts. 

Prof. dr. Nicole van Nes is research manager of the department ‘Human Factors in Vehicle Automation’; she is leading the research on safety in the transition to the autonomous vehicle. This research investigates how road users deal with the new technology that their own and other vehicles are increasingly equipped.

Jan Hendrik van Petegem, MSc, focuses on the development of practical knowledge about the relation between road design and road safety. His main topics of interest are Accident Prediction Modelling, cycling safety and the availability and development of (open) road design and traffic data. He also works on the development of netwerok screening instruments. 

Ingrid van Schagen, MSc, is researcher and project manager and involved in many activities in the field of traffic behaviour and traffic behaviour modification. Aspects she focuses on are, for example, speed and speed management, enforcement, distraction and fatigue.