Dr Letty Aarts is research manager of the ‘Data and Analysis for Policy’ department. She coordinates the research activities on road safety data such as the annual determination of the real number of serious road injuries in the Netherlands. Furthermore, she is responsible for information security. Under her lead, SWOV obtained the certificate for ISO27001 in September 2019. 

Albert Jan Algera, BSc, is one of SWOV's vehicle experts. Within the in-depth research team he is responsible for the inspection of amongst others (light) mopeds, (speed) pedelecs, micro cars and mobility scooters.

Dr Charlotte Bax conducts research into provinces and municipalities – and in cooperation with them. She focuses on translating scientific knowledge into handy tools for regional governments. As such, she coordinates the SWOV activities in the Knowledge Network for the Strategic Plan Road Safety.

Dr Frits Bijleveld specialized in the fields of data analysis, methods and techniques, and time series analysis.

Marjolein Boele, MSc, conducts research into (older) cyclist behaviour and motorcyclists. She is also project manager of the project ‘Safe driving with early dementia’ and member of the steering committee of the International Cycling Safety Conference. As a psychologist, she is involved in in-depth studies into road traffic crashes.

Niels Bos, MSc, is SWOV specialist in the fields of data collection, data processing, data analysis, and knowledge systems. These concern crash data, exposure data and medical data and encoding, such as Barell, AIS or Eurocost.

Michiel Christoph, MSc, is involved in several European Naturalistic Driving projects. In the project INTERACTION he coordinated the field tests in seven European countries and in the project UDRIVE he coordinated the development of technology.

Dr. Diane Cleij researches the transition to automated driving and uses Naturalistic Driving Data for research into the use of electronic devices and driving behaviour in motorized vehicles.

Prof. Jacques Commandeur is specialized in the application of research methodology and statistics and in the education of these subjects. He has carried out different projects in the fields of, among others, (co)variance analysis, linear regression models and time series analysis.

Dr Saskia de Craen is a specialist in the fields of young novice drivers, accompanied driving (2toDrive), powered two-wheelers, advanced driver/rider trainings and self-driving vehicles. She is also public affairs advisor for SWOV and is responsible for the production and quality of SWOV Fact Sheets.