Supervisory Board (RvT)

The Board of Supervisors (RvT) determines the SWOV strategy and also decides on the following: budgets, financial reports, applications for grant of the target subsidy, multiannual financial plans and annual reports.

The Supervisory Board meets four times a year and consists of: 

  • S. de Rouwe (independent chair)
  • O.C.M. de Bruijn (RAI Association)
  • M.M. de Jager (Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB)
  • J.P. Schaaij (Dutch National Fund for Rural Areas)
  • I.B. Schipper (Leiden University Medical Center LUMC)
  • E.T. Verhoef (VU University Amsterdam)
  • J.M. de Vries (on the recommendation of the employees council)