Special events

Minister pays SWOV working visit

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management paid SWOV a working visit on Monday January 14. SWOV informed the minister about ongoing research projects. On her leaving SWOV, the minister left a hand written message that translates to: “There can be no good road safety, without proper scientific substantiation. Together towards zero casualties!“

Certification data protection at SWOV

Since September 2019 SWOV has been certified according to the standards ISO27001 (general standard for information security) and NEN7510 (Dutch standard for information security in healthcare). By meeting the international information security standards, SWOV wants to underline its quality awareness. Secure processing of data sources, including confidential information such as personal data and special personal data, is anchored in its policy cycle. In short: data is in good hands at SWOV.

Scientific evaluation of SWOV

On September 5 and 6, 2019, SWOV was evaluated by an international committee of peers following the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) formulated by the VSNU ( Association of Universities in the Netherlands), NOW (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and KNAW (Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences). The  evaluation committee based their conclusions on a self evaluation report by SWOV, a selection of SWOV publications and interviews during their visit to SWOV. 

The evaluation committee assessed the research quality, relevance to society and viability all as “very good”. The committee endorsed SWOV’s prominent position in the Dutch field of road safety. To further improve, SWOV will address the committee’s recommendations in the coming years.