Programme Advisory Board (PAR)

The Programme Advisory Board (PAR) is formed by representatives of parties with an in interest in the results of the SWOV research: national government, provincial and local governments, private organizations and police and/or public prosecution service.

On 31 December 2017, the Programme Advisory Board consisted of the following members:

  • R. Aarse
  • C. Boutens
  • mr. A. D. Heil
  • M. Jongman
  • S. Kluit
  • L. Lamb
  • L. Molenkamp
  • J. de Ruijter
  • H. Schravemade
  • F.E. Smith
  • W. van Tilburg 
  • N. Vollebregt 
  • R. Weurding 
  • A. de Hoop

Observer for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment : M. Philippens.