Dr. Peter van der Knaap has been managing director of SWOV since 1 June 2013. Together with the Board of Supervisors (RvT) he is responsible for the strategy and position of SWOV and ensures that the organization has a solid financial basis.

SWOV has two research departments: Road Safety Assessment and Human Factors. The Road Safety Assessment department provides insight into the factors and circumstances which play a role in the causes of certain types of road crashes and injuries that result from these crashes. This department also examines the relationship between road design, traffic and a lack of safety. The research within the Human Factors department is focused on tuning system components such as technology, road design and regulations, to human capabilities. Human factors are also examined, for example how distraction, dementia and alcohol affect driving behaviour.

To guarantee the quality of its research, SWOV uses the input of highly-qualified external experts as members of the Scientific Advisory Board (WAR) and the Program Advisory board (PAR). SWOV strives to invite experts who are active in various sectors in the field of traffic and road safety.

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