Financial responsibility 2017

SWOV is a non-profit organisation. After a number of years with a positive result, 2017 closed with a negative result of € 65.951. Over the past few years, the positive results were added to the general reserve, which therefore was higher than the 16% desired by the Supervisory Board.

In 2017 we invested in our own organisation. In addition, we have increased the personnel capacity to be able to respond to fluctuations in the order book with sufficient research capacity.


The amounts are in euros and derive from the SWOV financial report for 2017.​

SWOV receives income from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the European Union and external clients, such as other governments, organisations and institutions. The most important financier is the Ministry of IenW, which contributes about 70% of the turnover. The grant for 2017 is based on the subsidy scheme SWOV 2014, which came into force from 2015.

Income statement and expenses

The amounts are in euros and are taken from the SWOV financial report for 2017​

Law on the criteria for top incomes/salaries

On 1 January 2013, the Dutch Law on Top Income (WNT) came into force. The WNT applies to SWOV. The remuneration maximum applicable to SWOV is € 181,000 in 2017 (the general remuneration maximum).

Leading top executives

Supervising senior officials with a remuneration of € 1,700 or less

Naam topfunctionaris Functie
Dhr P.J. Biesheuvel Member Board of Supervisors
Dhr. O.C.M. de Bruijn Member Board of Supervisors
Mw. M.M. de Jager Member Board of Supervisors
Dhr. J.P. Schaaij Member Board of Supervisors
Mw. I.B. Schipper Member Board of Supervisors
Dhr. E.T. Verhoef Member Board of Supervisors
Mw. J.M. de Vries Member Board of Supervisors