For a number of years, SWOV has been organizing theme meetings for interested parties on important or topical issues: the so-called Knowledge Cafés.

Two of these Knowledge Cafés took place in 2017:

Special events

Resignation Pieter Jan Biesheuvel

Since May 2006 Pieter Jan Biesheuvel acted as chairman of the Supervisory Board of SWOV. He resigned late last year.

"When I started as the chairman of SWOV, the number of road deaths was just over 800, compared with more than thousand three years ago! During the NVVC in 2006, former traffic minister Karla Peijs asked SWOV whether it was possible to tighten the target of the number of casualties. This in response to the enormous pace with which the number of road deaths decreased. Unfortunately, that situation is considerably different now; the decline has stagnated and the number of road deaths is increasing! But I am hopeful that we will succeed in finding the right path again. The fact that road safety is regarded as a national priority by the current government brings hope.

SWOV has found an excellent new chairman of the Supervisory Board in Sander de Rouwe. All the best to him, and if I may give him one advice: take the unique opportunity to take a closer look at road safety research. It is fascinating!

Of course I will continue to follow SWOV - at a suitable distance, but with great interest."