SWOV in 2016 - Highlights

National Road Safety Congress NVVC 

The NVVC congress, the bi-annual event that is organized by ANWB, SWOV and VVN and is made possible by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, was held in Den Bosch on April 21, 2016. A variety of subjects in the field of road safety presented and discussed and during the Congress the 2016 traffic safety award was awarded to the municipality of Zwolle. All contributions to the Congress can be found in the archive on the NVVC website (all in Dutch). In due course this website will also present information about NVVC 2018 .

Knowledge cafés

For some years SWOV has organized meetings for stakeholders an interested parties about a topical or important issue: the Knowledge Cafés. In 2016, three Knowledge Cafés were held:

  • Responsibility and liability of road authorities (March 2016)
  • Integrated approach of risk behavior among youths (April 2016)
  • Social approach 30 km/h roads (October 2016)