Annual report 2019

Unfortunately, in 2019 road safety was still not heading in the right direction. In the last few years, the decline in the number of road deaths has stagnated and even seems to turn into an upward trend since 2013. 

The ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is determined to put a halt to this negative trend and developed a new Road Safety Strategic Plan (SPV). Commissioned by the ministry, SWOV and CROW (the Dutch technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space) have launched a knowledge platform tailored specifically to the Road Safety Strategic Plan (Kennisnetwerk SPV) to help authorities map their road safety risks better and provide support with a risk based approach to road safety. 

With the completion of the reorganisation of our research departments SWOV hopes to further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its research.  

It is eminent that the Netherlands can return to the downward trend regarding the numbers of road casualties. SWOV aims to contribute to this challenge with research and knowledge.