Elektrische fietsen - Hoe snel wordt op een speed-pedelec gereden?

A speed pedelec offers pedal assistance up to a speed of 45 km/h. Different studies report different speeds that are actually ridden. A German study reported an average speed of 24 km/h (Schleinitz et al., 2017). A Dutch study among 28 speed pedelec riders (then categorized as light moped riders) found a cruising speed of 35 km/h in rural areas and 33 km/h in urban areas under the most favourable circumstances. No distinction could be made between speeds on the cycle path or on the roadway and between different external conditions (De Bruijne, 2016; for more information see also Vlakveld, 2016). A comparison of three types of cyclists (cyclists on regular bicycles, cyclists on pedelecs and speed pedelec riders) before the change in legislation, showed an average speed of speed pedelec riders in urban areas of 27 km/ h and of 30 km/h in rural areas (Stelling et al., 2017). A recent study into the behaviour of speed pedelec riders after the change in legislation shows that on the roadway (of 50 km/h roads with a separate cycle path in urban areas) they used an average speed of 32 km/h. Where, against the traffic regulations, they cycled on the cycle path, their average speed was 29 km/h (Stelling-Konczak et al., 2017).