Passenger Traffic Statistics (CBS)

The passenger traffic statistics is a CBS publication. It contains data on commercial and private transport, vehicle ownership, and vehicle kilometres.

These statistics form the source of occupant kilometres for road and rail transport.

Since 1995, the personal kilometres are based on a revised weighing procedure.


The CBS compiles this data from several sources:

Bus transport data comes from bus companies. Since the introduction of the public transport strip ticket in 1979, the number of passenger kilometres is no longer registered. An estimate is made, based on the sales of these tickets, together with season tickets.

Data on train travel comes from the Dutch Railways.

A sample of about 4,500 motorcycle owners was interviewed in 1988 and 1992. A repeat sample survey is not expected.



CBS (1999). Statistiek van het personenvervoer 1999. CBS, Voorburg/Heerlen.