Motor Vehicle Statistics (CBS)

The CBS bases its numbers of ‘vehicles with owner-obliged registration number’ on the data of the vehicle registration of the RDW Vehicle Technology and Information Centre.

Since 1996, the figures have had 1 January as reference date; before that it was 1 August. In the CBS publications, the annual number per vehicle type before 1996 have been adjusted.

After consultation with CBS, the data per municipality was also changed accordingly.


This data is also used in the Passenger Traffic Statistics.


Not included in this publication are:

In the table, a distinction is made between:


CBS publishes this data every year in the Statistics of Dutch Motor Vehicles (formerly the Statistics of Motor Vehicles) and via statline, the electronic database of the CBS. Starting in 2002, the series will only be updated in statline. The hard-copy publication will then cease to exist.


CBS, (2000). Statistiek van de motorvoertuigen 1 januari 2000. CBS, Voorburg/Heerlen


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The website of CBS with statline.


CBS – motor vehicle statistics, numbers x 1000.