Road Statistics (CBS)

Road Statistics is a CBS publication. It contains data about road lengths, road types, and distances travelled per transport mode and road type for the years 1980-1999.

This data comes from a variety of sources.

Road length

Until 1996, once every 4 years a survey among the road authorities was held:

Questions were asked about road lengths, cycle paths, and homezones.


From 2001 onward CBS generates the statistics from het Nationale Wegenbestand (National Road Database by AVV -
Transport Research Centre) and van Top10Vector (Digital map of the Netherlands 1: 10.000).

Cyclist and pedestrian tracks are excluded.

Distances travelled

The basis for the vehicle kilometres per transport mode are:

(Commercial Vehicle Survey/Ownership and Use of Commercial Vehicles).

In 1999, the method of calculating the lorry kilometres was changed, on account of which a better estimate could be made of the kilometres of foreign lorries in the Netherlands. Since 1983, the annual data has been corrected using this new model (CBS 1999). Because of this change, the time series of vehicle kilometres and occupant kilometres per transport mode are not always compatible.

Up to 1992, a random sample survey of about 4,500 motorcycle owners was carried out once every 4 years.

The urban distances travelled are calculated on the basis of road authority data. This is mainly data about the length and the average volume per segment counted. By multiplying the segment length and the traffic volume, the product is the number of vehicle kilometres. Visual traffic counts also determine the composition by vehicle type.


These sources are combined to form the total distance travelled in the Netherlands. The urban volume is calculated by deducting the rural volume counted from this total. Here, especially, random errors in the surveys and traffic counts may occur.

Data is available for 1980-1998. Divisions by road type are available for 1984-1996.

Index of rural traffic volume

Every month it is determined how much the volume differs (as percentage) from the base year 2000. The basic data for this index consist of the volumes at about 700 permanent counting locations on rural state and provincial roads.



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