Periodic Regional Road Safety Survey (PRRSS)

PRRSS is a large-scale biannual survey among about 8,000 people aged 15 and older living in the Netherlands.
PRRSS asks about behaviour (self-reported) and underlying motives and opinions about measures for Dutch road users. This is done for cars, motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles. Some of the data is divided per province.

Available Data

As far as speed is concerned, PRRSS provides information about:

The driving speeds under good weather conditions and with low road intensities are reported on. They will, therefore, often be faster than the actual speeds driven. However, trends in self-reported driving speeds provide an indication of changes in actual driving speeds.

Completeness of the data gathered

Since 1990, the PRRSS respondents have been recruited via a two-stage procedure. Every year, first a sample of 50,000 households is drawn from the PTO address database (spread equally over the 12 provinces). They are then requested to take part in the survey.
In this way, in 1999, the names and address of about 23,000 respondents were gathered. Next, a sample was drawn of 12,965 of the 23,000 people; with a representative distribution by age, sex, and driving licence possession. 8,519 of the 12, 965 people who were sent a questionnaire in January 2000, filled it in correctly (response 66%).


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