National Medical Registration (LMR)

The National Medical Registration (LMR) is managed by PRISMANT, and was set up for research and policy purposes. The data is provided by all teaching and general hospitals, and practically all specialised hospitals.

The discharge data of patients who were admitted to a Dutch hospital (i.e. in-patients) form the basis of this database.


For coding the injury diagnoses and the type of accident, together with the patient’s mode of transport, use is made of the international coding of the World Health Organisation: the ICD-CM (Clinical Modification of the International Classification of Diseases).


The LMR contains:

A code makes the injury diagnoses available at a very detailed level, but they are usually clustered, such as by:

During the last few years, the annual number of road accident in-patients has been about 18,000; this is approximately 10% of all in-patients in the Netherlands.

The number of road crash in-patients has hardly decreased, but their length of stay has gone down from approximately 13 to approximately 8 days.


One of the purposes the LMR is used for is to determine the ‘real’ size of the road safety problem, see also under Road crash registration (BRON).


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