IIS (Injury Surveillance System)

The necessary data for Accident & Emergency (A&E) come from the Injury Surveillance System (IIS) from the Consumer Safety Institute.


The registered data are personal data, accident course, and injuries of all accident victims (therefore also for victims of other accidents than road accidents) who were treated in the A&E departments of 17 hospitals in the Netherlands

15% of the patients registered were victims of road accidents.
The 17 hospitals are general and teaching hospitals throughout the country.


The annual number of A&E road accident victims in the sample is c.15,000 (excluding those who died or who later became in-patients (i.e. admitted to hospital). For the entire Netherlands this means between 100,000 and 120,000.


IIS makes differential analyses of injury and accident course data possible, also by mode of transport. Each record has an accident course description which can be scanned by a search program. Because of the patient data available, the database can be used for follow-up studies.


Among other purposes, this database is used to determine the ‘real’ size of the road safety problem. For this see the relevant paragraph in Accidents and Network.


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