Population of the municipalities in the Netherlands (CBS)

The population tables show the number of inhabitants as of the 1st January of the year concerned by: age-group, sex, and municipality. The series is available from 1950.

Much of the data and many of the publications of the Central Bureau of Statistics CBS are available via internet.

Manner of collection

Determining the municipality populations has, since 1995, fallen under the law on the Municipal Basic Administration of Population Data (GBA).

At the beginning of each year the CBS receives from all municipalities a selection of data on all inhabitants as recorded in the GBA. By this, the number of inhabitants is determined.

Any changes in borders between municipalities are also processed (CBS, 1996).


The data referring to the period before 1995 are determined after consultation with the municipality.

The reference date is1 January. The data is of the total population.

Regional divisions

The population data is not only available by municipality, but also by police region, by Provincial Road Safety Board classification, by city + surrounding municipalities, and by province. In all these cases the data are of clustered municipalities.


The data makes it possible to relate road safety to demographic features such as the size of specific population groups (youth, elderly), municipalities or regions, journeys in relation to population size, etc.


The quality of the data provided is the same as that of the population registers.

The registration obviously does not include illegal immigrants and tourists. The number of tourists can be temporarily and locally large.

Changes in municipality borders

The most recent division into municipalities is given. In this, the data of municipalities that have ceased to exist are allocated to the new municipality.

If an ‘old’ municipality has been divided up between a number of other municipalities, the old municipality, in its entirety, is allocated to the new municipality with the largest population. This method is also used in all other relevant databases, such as: accidents, vehicle numbers, and road lengths.


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The website of CBS with, among others, Statline


Population since 1950 by age, sex, and region. This series is derived from CBS databases.